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Business Lessons from the Men Who Built America

Growing up, I had an obsession for learning about great personalities; living or dead, good or bad. I wanted to understand what drove their passion or how they overcame challenges. I can roughly say I have read the biography of over 100 famous personalities, from the world of sports, music, politics and business.

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When I build you build: Evolution of Brands

Have you ever had a friend you met online but you were disappointed with what they turned out to be in real life? Or what about a place you’ve heard interesting stories about but didn’t meet up to your expectations when you finally got the opportunity to visit? Our experiences with people, places or things influence how we respond in scenarios that remind us of them.

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What's your selling point?

When I first heard the song Goody Bag by D’prince, I totally fell in love with it. For starters, the rhythm is very addictive. It is no surprise that it went viral and became an instant hit overnight. It was so popular that excerpts of the lyrics became catch phrases, one of them being “what’s your selling point”. According to D’prince, if you can identify your selling point there’s money and a whole lot of other surprises in store for you in the ‘Goody Bag’. And to be sincere with you, he was quite right about that. So what really is the selling point?.

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Starting a Successful Business with Little

I had a friend back in the university whose room doubled as his shop. We made fun of him because his room was filled with all sorts of things he sold; we nicknamed it ‘Mami Market’. Today my friend owns a big office building and rents part of it to other businesses. He turned out to be smarter than most of us, after all he was able to build a successful business with the little he had as a student, which you must agree with me was not much.

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Your Logo Is Important To Your Internet Marketing Success

When you are an Internet marketer, you are your own brand. Some online marketers use their first and last name as their business name, while others actually choose a company name to go by. Both way, you have an online brand and you should also have a logo. When it comes to business logos, no matter what type of business the company or person is in, there are some logos which fit the bill and others that are simply lacking.

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